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Hi I'm Donnell, a life long fisherman and aspiring blogger. I've been a fisherman ever since I can remember (thanks pa). I love talking and writing about everything fishing over at

African Pompano Alectis ciliaris species guide

African Pompano Species Guide

Scientific Name: Alectis ciliaris Also Known As: threadfin trevally, pennant-fish Legal Size Minimum: 24 inches Habitat: Tropical waters All-Tackle Record: 50 lbs, 8oz / 22.9 kg The African Pompano commonly referred to as the threadfin trevally or pennant-fish, is the biggest and most widely spread fish species belonging to family Carangidae (Jack). The African Pompano …

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ion ice auger reviews

ION Ice Auger Reviews and Guide

ION drills have lightweight designs and excellent features to help make fishing on a frozen surface fulfilling. Read these ION ice auger reviews and pick the perfect tool for your fishing outing.  If you are planning a winter fishing outing to the Far North, one of the must-have tools is an ice auger. You will …

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best ice cleats for ice fishing

The Best Ice Fishing Cleats

Ice fishing cleats are necessary for walking around safely on the ice without slipping or falling.  The best ice cleats for ice fishing work by securing heavy-duty spikes, diamond beads, coils, and chains to your boots in order to give you the traction you need to walk or run across icy surfaces when looking for …

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