The Best Bass Fishing Rods & Poles

When it comes to aggressive fish species, bass is one for the books and, as you may well know, a bass fishing rod has to be able to withstand a good fight. If your spinning or casting rod is not up to the task, chances are your fishing trip will not be a successful one.

The right bass fishing rod should work well with your lure and be sufficiently sensitive and powerful. To help you find the right pole for your fishing needs, we compiled a list of the best bass fishing rods and poles, as well as an in-depth buyer’s guide that discusses the crucial buying considerations.



Our Top Pick

If we had to choose just one rod to rule them all, it would be the KastKing Perigee II. This is a durable option from a reputable brand that’s bound to lead to a bountiful catch. It’s ideal for bass fishing but will also work for other freshwater fish adding to its value. We’ve reviewed it more in detail below.



The Best Bass Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod – Best Bass Casting Rod Overall

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods, Spinning Rod 6ft 7in-Medium Light - Fast-1pc

The Perigee II from KastKing is our top pick for this list with its carbon matrix construction and high-end components.


Key Features

  • Twin tip casting and spinning rod
  • 24-ton carbon matrix construction
  • Fuji O-ring guides
  • EVA handle
  • Saf-T-Keeper hook holders


What We Like

This two-piece spinning and casting rods from KastKing features all the brand’s latest technologies to ensure optimal durability and performance. It utilizes a 24-ton carbon matrix construction that reduces weight and enhances the rod’s handling, accuracy, and sensitivity.

Its Fuji O-ring line guides are widely regarded to be among the best there is, and the EVA handle is long-lasting and offers an ergonomic grip. These rods also feature superior joining technology, which allows for length, action, and power adjustability. Because of the rods’ customizability, you are not limited to bass fishing, but you can also use them for fishing trout, catfish and more.


What We Don’t Like

One drawback of this rod is that the top of the rod is tiny, and the tip guide can break loose easily.




  • Comes with two rod tips
  • Power, action, and length are customizable
  • Versatile rods that you can use for salt- and freshwater fishing
  • Highly portable and features quality packaging
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee



  • The tip quality of the rods near the guides could be improved


The KastKing Perigee is comfortable to hold, sensitive, and offers all the strength you need for bass fishing. These rods are also completely customizable in terms of power and length.


Overall rating – 5 of 5



Entsport E-Series Camo Legend Two-Piece Casting Rod – The Best Value for Money

Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Baitcasting Fishing Rod with 2 Tips - Medium and Medium Heavy Portable Baitcast Rod Bass Fishing Rod Baitcaster

This Camo Legend from Entsport features durable construction for optimal strength and sensitivity. It is also the best bass fishing rod value for money we could find.


Key Features

  • 24-ton carbon fiber construction
  • Baitcasting bass rod
  • Interchangeable rod power tips for medium and medium heavy power
  • Two-piece design
  • Notched reel lock design
  • High-density EVA handle


What We Like

The Entsport E-Series Camo Legend has all the features you want in a bass fishing rod. The most prominent attributes include a 24-ton carbon fiber construction, a reel seat that is corrosion resistant, and K-R and FINESSE 6+1 guides that are also corrosion resistant and optimally fitted to enhance to maximize casting distance while eliminating friction.

This rod features a durable, high-density EVA handle that is ergonomic and provides you with sufficient control over your rod. The EVA split grips also adds significantly to the rod’s sensitivity. The rod can handle lure weights that range from 0.1 – 1.1 oz.


What We Don’t Like

One minor drawback of the Camo Legend is that the reel seating screw’s quality is somewhat lacking, and it can come off easily.



  • Two rod tips included for different power requirements
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Guides are corrosion resistant
  • High-density EVA handle for sufficient grip and sensitivity
  • Two-piece design for added portability
  • Excellent value for money



  • Reel seating screw quality can be improved


The Camo Legend is flexible and sensitive, but durable enough for most bass fishing applications. If you need value for money, consider this high-end casting rod from Entsport.


Overall rating – 4.5 of 5



UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod -Best Spinning Rod for Bass

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Many bass fishers are familiar with the UglyStik GX2, a six-foot, one-piece spinning rod with its lightweight and sturdy construction. If you need a rod for casting lightweight lures, this spinning rod may be ideal for you.


Key Features

  • Spinning bass fishing rod
  • Length of six feet
  • Eva rod handle material
  • UglyStick tech composite construction
  • One-piece rod
  • Line rating: 8 – 20


What We Like

This rod has a composite construction that consists of a graphite and fiberglass blend. The result is sufficient sensitivity and a light weight, but without compromising strength and durability. The high-density EVA handle is long-lasting and provides an ergonomic grip.

Because the rod can handle a line range of 8 to 20, it is highly versatile and designed for fishing in all bodies of water, and since the GX2 is a spinning rod, it is suitable for light to medium-sized fishing and a viable option for beginner bass fishers.


What We Don’t Like

An issue with the UglyStick GX2 is its stainless-steel guides that are not sufficiently capable of withstanding grooving. Also, since the construction features a fiberglass component, the rod may not provide sufficient flexibility for your bass fishing needs.



  • Lightweight and durable spinning rod
  • Great value for money
  • High-density EVA handle provides an ergonomic grip
  • Suitable for a wide range of fishing settings
  • A viable option for beginner bass anglers



  • Quality of the guides can be improved
  • Fiberglass element reduces the rod’s flexibility


The UglyStick GX2 is a well-balanced spinning rod that contains all the features you need as a beginner angler.


Overall rating – 4.7 of 5



Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod

Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting

The Cherrywood casting rod from Berkey is a seven-foot, one-piece casting rod that has a lot to offer in terms of sensitivity and long-lasting quality.


Key Features

  • Length of seven feet
  • One-piece casting rod
  • Hybrid graphite and fiberglass construction
  • SS304 guides
  • Cork handle
  • Compatible with several baitcasting reels


What We Like

This Berkley model is a substantial addition to your gear with its comprehensive and high-end features. This rod is seven feet long and suitable for most fishing settings.

It is made of a composite material that consists of fiberglass and graphite. As a result, the rod is highly sensitive, well-balanced, and flexible. Because of the fiberglass in the construction, it also has sufficient strength for pulling out bigger and heavier bass.

The Cherrywood has a durable and smooth cork handle to ensure a comfortable, yet firm grip over the rod. According to the manufacturer, the SS304 guides are 20 times tougher and 55 percent lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides.


What We Don’t Like

As this is a one-piece rod, however, it is not the best option in terms of portability and easy storage. The rod may also be a bit stiff for anglers who want to fish smaller-sized bass.




  • Durable graphite and fiberglass hybrid construction
  • High-end SS304 guides
  • Cork handle for a comfortable grip
  • Versatile with a length of seven feet and wide reel compatibility



  • Might be too stiff
  • One-piece rod


The Berkley Cherrywood is suitable for beginner and seasoned anglers alike with its composite construction and versatile design.


Overall rating – 4 of 5



G. Loomis GLX 782S SJR Spinning Rod

G. Loomis GLX 782S SJR Spin Jig Spinning Rod

The GLX 782S SJR from G. Loomis is a lightweight spinning rod that is suitable for a wide range of fishing settings.


Key Features

  • Spinning rod
  • Length of six feet and six inches
  • Blended graphite construction
  • Medium to medium-heavy power
  • Slimmed down cork handle
  • Line weight range from 8 to 15


What We Like

The GLX 782S SJR is a spinning rod from G. Loomis, one of the leading fishing rod manufacturers. It is available as a spinning rod as well as a casting rod, but we found that the spinning rod offers more versatility than its counterpart.

This rod features a blended graphite construction and is remarkably lightweight. The cork handle is also slimmed down to achieve enhanced sensitivity and durability in choppy water. The seat, handle, and construction work well together to ensure accuracy and balance.

The GLX 782S SJR’s medium-heavy power option is suitable for bass fishing, and it has a fast action, which allows you to catch large and heavy fish.


What We Don’t Like

Because of this rod’s high-end features, it has a relatively high price tag. Additionally, the graphite construction doesn’t provide the same strength as fiberglass rods.



  • Far casting considering the rod length
  • A well-balanced and sensitive rod
  • Lightweight graphite casting
  • Medium-heavy power for catching larger fish



  • A relatively high price tag
  • Lacking strength


The G. Loomis GLX 782S SJR is a professional graphite rod and a worthy consideration for stability and balance.


Overall rating – 4.3 of 5



St Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rod

St. Croix Rod Legend Tournament Bass Casting Rod

The St Croix is a one-piece casting rod for tournament bass angling. This rod’s features are geared toward optimal balance, comfort, and sensitivity.


Key Features

  • One-piece casting rod
  • Medium power
  • Fast action
  • Split grip cork handle
  • Length of six feet and eight inches
  • Poly Curve technology


What We Like

The Legend series from St Croix features a wide range of high-end components and incorporates the latest graphite technology to achieve more flexibility, sensitivity, and balance. This particular model has medium power and fast action for a broader range of bass sizes and weights.

This casting rod is corrosion resistant throughout, and it is fitted with a comfortable and long-lasting cork handle. Another prominent feature of the Legend is its Poly Curve technology to ensure perfect flexing while maintaining proper pressure.


What We Don’t Like

While beginners will be able to use this rod effectively, it more suited for seasoned and tournament anglers. If you are a committed beginner, though, this rod is a viable option to ensure long-term value.

Unfortunately, all this value also comes at a hefty price. However, this rod offers a ton of value, and it may be worth the premium.



  • Professional-grade casting rod
  • Features the latest graphite technology
  • Long distance casting ability
  • Ergonomic split grip handle
  • Poly curve technology to maintain pressure
  • Balanced and sensitive bass fishing rod



  • Costly


The St Croix is a high-end casting rod that is suitable for seasoned bass anglers. Standout features include contemporary graphite technology and a comfortable cork handle.


Overall rating – 4.8 of 5



Johncoo 7’ Carbon Baitcasting Rod

JOHNCOO 7' Carbon Baitcasting Fishing Rod M MH ML Power Bass Fishing Rod

At first glance, the baitcasting rod from Johncoo may seem like a run-of-the-mill option for bass anglers. However, it comes with several features to enhance the versatility of your kit.


Key Features

  • Two-piece casting rod
  • Three interchangeable tips and power values
  • Weight of 1.39 pounds
  • Solid carbon fiber construction
  • High-density EVA handle
  • Line weight range between 4 and 16
  • Length of seven feet


What We Like

The Johncoo casting rod is seven feet long and features a high-density EVA handle that enhances the rod’s sensitivity. This handle is specially molded to the rod to provide you with complete control and a secure grip.

Another notable feature is that it comes with three tips, which allow you to change the rod’s power value. The tips have power values of medium-light, medium, and medium-high, respectively. As a result, you can use this rod for bass fishing an many different circumstances and bodies of water. Thanks to the carbon fiber construction, the rod is flexible, sensitive, and reliable.


What We Don’t Like

While the EVA grip does a great job of adding sensitivity to the rod, some anglers may not like its finger grooves. The rod also doesn’t feature a hook catching loop, which may be annoying to some fishers.



  • Three tips included with different power values
  • High-density EVA grip for added sensitivity
  • Flexible, yet durable carbon fiber construction
  • Highly versatile casting rod for bass fishing



  • Finger grooves in EVA handle may be uncomfortable to some
  • The rod is not fitted with a hook casting loop


The Johncoo carbon rod is ideal for the bass fisherman who wants to add versatility to their tackle.


Overall rating – 4.5 of 5



Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rod

The Villain 2.0 from Abu Garcia is a seven-foot, one-piece rod that offers that bass angler a lot of value, especially in terms of strength and comfort.


Key Features

  • Seven-foot casting rod
  • 40-ton graphite blank
  • V-wrap carbon construction
  • Titanium alloy guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • EVA non-slip handle


What We Like

If you are beginner angler or bass fisherman with budget constraints, you don’t have to forgo quality and high-end features. The Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 casting rod is a budget model that is specially designed for use with a baitcasting reel.

This rod features a medium power and is seven foot long. As a result, it provides a decent casting distance, and it is suitable for fishing in a wide range of settings. The rod has a fast action and solid hooksets, and you can use it for fishing with single-hook lures as well as worms and jigs.

The EVA non-slip handle provides decent comfort and rod sensitivity, and the V-wrap carbon construction strengthens the rod significantly.


What We Don’t Like

While the Villain 2.0 is a viable option for anglers who don’t have a lot of money to spend, it may not provide the comprehensive value that seasoned anglers need.




  • Excellent value for money
  • EVA non-slip handle for added comfort
  • Sufficient sensitivity and fast action
  • High-quality titanium alloy guides
  • Designed for use with a baitcasting reel



  • May not be suitable for professional anglers


The Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 is a budget castable rod and an excellent option for beginner fishers who want to get their feet wet.


Overall rating – 4.4 of 5



Lew’s AH76HC American Hero Speed Stick

Lews Fishing AH76HC American Hero Speed Stick Rod, Flipping, Heavy, 7'6"

The AH76HC from Lew’s is a seven-foot, six-inch rod is the ideal rod for flipping and pitching in heavy cover.


Key Features

  • Premium IM6 one-piece graphite blanks
  • Multi-directional graphite construction
  • Gunsmoke stainless-steel guide and inserts
  • Length of seven feet and six inches
  • Fast action
  • Heavy power value


What We Like

The Lew’s American Hero Speed Stick is a flipping rod that provides ample stability and accuracy. This rod has a heavy power value that renders it suitable for use with line weights that range between twenty and forty pounds.

The stronger lines make it possible to pull bass from thick cover without the risk of snapping. It also features a multi-layer graphite blank with premium resins for reinforcement and is fitted with a titanium-coated hook keeper that you can use to keep your hook out of the way between pitches.


What We Don’t Like

While the rod’s stiffness may be suitable for a wide range of bass fishing setting, it may not be ideal for some anglers. For the value you receive, the price may also be too steep.



  • Durable one-piece graphite blanks
  • Heavy power value to pull fish from thick covering
  • Titanium-coated hook keeper
  • Offers ample stability and accuracy



  • Might be too stiff
  • Not the best value for the money


The AH76HC from Lew’s is an excellent addition to the tackle of any angler who want a rod with a higher power value.


Overall rating – 4.2 of 5



Bass Fishing Rod Buying Guide

Now that you have a few of the best fishing poles for bass to add to your short-list, let’s explore some of the fundamentals of buying a fishing rod. Want to see more fishing rods options? Here are our thoughts about catching a walleye and our top fishing rod picks.


Types of Bass Fishing Rods

When shopping for bass fishing rods, the first thing you have to do is choose the correct type for your fishing needs. There are many different types of rods, for example, rods for ice fishing, fly fishing rods, surf fishing rods and saltwater fishing. For bass fishing, however, you have two types of bass fishing rods to choose from, namely spinning rods and casting rods. You can also check out the ultralight spinning rod which can also be a great addition to your collection.

Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, and you have to consider them carefully instead of merely relying on someone else’s recommendation.


Spinning Rods

This type of bass fishing rod has the reel and guides fitted to its underside. The line unspools from different directions, and the guides are larger than those of casting roles. A spinning rod is a suitable option for you if you use lightweight lines and lures and if you typically fish smaller bass.

Spinning rods are generally more comfortable to use than casting rods and is often the rod type of choice for beginners. This type of rod can also reach obscured fishing spots that are more difficult to reach with casting rods.


Casting Rods

Casting rods have several characteristics that distinguish them from spinning rods. These attributes include a reel that is fitted to the top, small eyelets, and a trigger grip with a finger indentation. Casting rod components include the blank, baitcasting reel, and a line that is on top of the rod.

Because of the components’ positioning, you have to crank with your right hand when you reel in. Casting poles are more suited for fishing larger and more aggressive bass because of the pulling power that they offer. Unlike spinning rods, you are not pulling against the guides, but the rod itself.

A casting rod is a better option than a spinning rod if you want to do pitching, flipping, or deep cranking. This rod type is also more suited for tossing buzz baits, toads, cranks, and topwater slop.


Fishing Perch Fish Reel Bass Rod


Key Considerations


Bass fishing rods are typically made of graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of these two materials. A fishing rod’s material should meet specific criteria, including durability and flexibility without breaking.

Graphite is the most popular material type for bass fishing rods as it is lightweight, sensitive to vibrations, and reliable. If you are fishing in bad weather, graphite is a particularly suitable choice to feel the fish bite. One drawback of graphite rods is that they are typically more expensive than other material types.

Fiberglass rods, on the other hand, are cheap and a suitable option if you have budget constraints. You can also see our picks for great spinning rods below $100. This rod material type doesn’t offer the same flexibility and sensitivity as graphite rods, and they bend from the butt to the tip, which makes them more suitable for large, heavy fish.

Composite rods that are made of a combination of fiberglass and graphite, and they offer a compromise in terms of sensitivity, strength, and cost.



Bass rod length varies from six to nine feet. Rods at the short end of the spectrum are six or seven feet long while long rods are up to nine feet long or even longer.

As a rule, the longer the rod, the larger your casting distance. When selecting the most appropriate rod length for you, consider your desired casting distance, the type of bait you use, and the platform from where you are fishing. If the casting distance is longer than thirty meters, you need a long rod of nine foot.

Generally speaking, a short rod is more suitable for fishing from high vantage points like a dock or if you are fishing from a kayak. If you don’t have a high vantage point, you need a longer rod. The size of your lures also determines the length of your rod. If your lures are small, you need a shorter rod.


Power Value

Power or rod weight is the amount of pressure you have to apply to bend the rod. The heavier the rod, the more pressure is needed to bend it. Power classifications range from ultra-light to ultra-heavy. A lightweight rod is ideal for catching small fish, while you need an ultra-heavy rod for deep-sea fishing. If you want to see more fishing rod, view our best list here.



Balance is a crucial consideration that anglers often ignore when shopping for a bass fishing rod. If your rod is not correctly balanced, you will end up dealing with a trembling line, which can chase away fish.

Balance features include the positioning of the reel, fitted weights to counteract heavy components, and other adjustments to prevent vibration as the result of imbalance.


Rod Handle Type

The rod handle should give you firm control over your rod while maintaining comfort. The most common rod handle types include cork, EVA foam, and wood.

Cork handles are popular as they are lightweight, comfortable, and sensitive to vibrations. This handle type also offers sufficient grip over the rod. EVA foam is also a viable option for a comfortable grip and durability.

One of the drawbacks of a wooden handle is that they can be uncomfortable in cold weather. Cheap wood handles are also susceptible to damage. However, if you have a high-quality wood handle, it can last longer than the average cork handle.



A rod’s action refers to how far from the tip the rod starts bending when it is under pressure. You can see a rod’s action by looking at its shape when there is a weight attached to the tip. Fast-action rods bend at the tip, medium-action rods bend from the tip to the middle, and slow-action rods bend through the rod’s entire length.

Fast-action rods are suitable for large fish and heavy covers. Medium action rods are ideal for use with light fishing line. If you are fishing small bass and use lightweight baits, you need the flexibility of a slow-action rod. In need of a medium to medium-heavy or even slow action that offers a small price to pay for the compact portability it offers? check out the telescopic fishing rod.



High-quality guides allow for long-distance casting and prevent line friction. If you can, select a rod with ceramic or titanium guides as these materials tend to work well with fishing line, and they are long-lasting.

You should maintain your guides properly by wiping them thoroughly after a fishing trip to prevent corrosion and crusting.



For the sake of convenient transportation and storage, some rods can be separated into several pieces or telescope into themselves. Portable rods may be more expensive, but it can make your drive to the fishing waters much easier. View some other options here.


Final Thoughts

If you want a rod to compliment your bass fishing skills, consider the Perigee II from KastKing. This rod offers the best of both worlds since you don’t have to choose between a casting and spinning rod.

The Perigee II also provides better value in terms of customizability, as you can adjust the length, power, and action for a particular fishing setting. These rods have a durable carbon matric construction for added power without the risk of rod snaps. Its Fuji O-ring guides are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.

If you want the best bass fishing rod there is, the Perigee II is worth considering. You can get more awesome reviews of other types of fishing rods on this post.

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