The Best Hand Ice Auger Reviews and Guide to Manual Borers

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Let’s talk about augers. What are the best hand ice augers on the market?

If you are headed far north for a winter fishing excursion, one of the tools that should be on the top of your packing list is an ice auger. You might have thought of a power borer, but do you require an engine for such a simple task? Why not start off with a manual auger — it requires no maintenance, recharging, and is awesomely light?

Picking a hand drill might be challenging because of the large number of brands and models on the market. Keep reading to identify the one that will make your fishing expedition more enjoyable. 


My Top Pick 

The StrikeMaster Lazer Auger is my favorite because of its sturdy construction and unmatched ability to bore holes on ice quickly with limited effort. 


My Best Hand Ice Auger Reviews

1. StrikeMaster Lazer Auger — Best Manual Ice Auger

StrikeMaster Lazer Auger-6 in. LD-6

StrikeMaster is one of the most revered brands in the fishing gear niche because of its unwavering commitment to quality, and that focus is evident in this lazer borer. The drill does an awesome job of cutting through ice with limited effort, allowing you to make holes on frozen surfaces fast. Of all the drills I have used during my countless fishing trips in the far north, none of them can outdo this one. 

The drill comes with a solid design and stainless steel blades that add to its outstanding performance. Furthermore, the drill has a powder-coating that helps to reduce ice build-up, making it easy to bore holes and get down to the important part of the job: catching your fish. So, whether you are looking for a frustration-free start to ice-fishing or want the perfect backup to your electric drill, this drill has got you covered. 

Another awesome thing about the drill is its ergonomic design. The soft rubberized grips and lightweight construction make it easy to use the auger, even when drilling multiple holes on hard surfaces. Furthermore, it allows you to easily adjust the handle between 57 and 48 inches, meaning that you are able to work more comfortably irrespective of your height.



  • Blade: Chrome stainless steel 
  • Handle: Soft and rubberized 
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds



  • Adjustable length 
  • Easy-to-replace stainless steel blade 
  • Soft-rubberized handles 
  • Lightweight construction



  • The blades are not so durable, but you can easily get a replacement 


2. Nils Master UR600c Cordless Drill Auger – Runner Up 

Nils master UR600C Cordless drill auger

Like StrikeMaster, Nil is another brand that features prominently when it comes to designing premium hand borers. The company has been designing precision cutting tools for decades, and this Nils Master UR600 Cordless Drill auger takes the second position on our list because of its smooth cutting ability and next-generation features. Although it does not come cheap, you will find it a worthy tool to add to your fishing gear. 

Straight out of the box, the blades of the drill are razor-sharp, meaning that you need very limited effort to rip through the frozen surface. Notably, this auger provides you with the option of using it with the handles as a hand drill or attaching to a cordless drill using a 3/8-1/2-inch chunk. See – it is like a two-in-one model, meaning that even if the electric drill runs out of power, you can continue drilling manually. 

To make it more comfortable to use when drilling holes, the borer is constructed with an offset handle. Although some people, especially new anglers, indicate that it takes them time to get used to, the offset handle is very important for increasing speed and efficiency. 


  • Length: 47 inches
  • Blade diameter: 6 inches 
  • Weight: 9 pounds 



  • Uses an offset handle for speedy and efficient drilling 
  • Comes with a flared disc to prevent loss down the hole 
  • Cuts smooth holes 
  • Can be operated using hand or a cordless drill 



  • Pricey 
  • The auger length is not adjustable 


3. RAZR 8″ Hand Ice Auger w/Flat Blades

RAZR 8" Hand Ice Auger w/Flat Blades

Like its name suggests, the Razr 8” is a manual hand drill designed to make eight-inch holes. I really loved the big diameter because it gave me the opportunity to bring a bigger fish out of the water. Its adjustable height also makes it pretty easy to use depending on your height. 

One of the most notable things about the drill is the curved stainless-steel blades that make it easy to slice through frost rapidly. The shield added on the blade provides protection from external elements and makes the drill long-lasting. So, you can expect to use this borer over a long time before requiring a replacement. 

This drill also feels very firm and I found it very effective for working even in rugged terrains. Furthermore, its three adjustable heights make it pretty easy for people of different heights. I was able to adjust this for my son, who insisted on joining me for a hunting outing, and he said it was “super comfortable.”



  • Weight: 7.5 pounds 
  • Blades: Stainless-steel 
  • Cutting diameter: 8 inches 



  • A perfect pick for both pro and amateur anglers 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Drills large holes 
  • Easy to use for both new and pro anglers 



  • Some users complain the handle-drill knob get loose when drilling 


4. StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger

290149 StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger-6 in. MD-6

StrikeMaster makes my list again with this premium hand auger that has become a common recommendation for both pro and amateur anglers. In Particular, I was impressed by the compact size and lightweight construction that makes it pretty easy to pack and carry around.

The borer is designed with high alloy carbon steel blades that make it a seriously effective drilling machine. Like most StrikeMaster cutting tools, the blades are also powder coated to help reduce ice-buildup when making holes. Simply put – this is a mindfully designed drill that you can count on to get the job done no matter how hard the rime surface is. 

You will agree with me that drilling holes, especially when the ice surface is hard, can be tedious. StrikeMaster thought about that also and used ergonomic handles on this borer to enhance your comfort. So, even if you are out for a lengthy fishing excursion, this borer will be a great part of your arsenal. 



  • Blades: High alloy carbon steel blades 
  • Shaft: Adjustable from 48 to 57 inches. 
  • Weight: 9 pounds 



  • Powder-coated paint finish helps to reduce ice build-up when drilling holes
  • The blades are replaceable and shaft length adjustable
  • Ergonomic handle 



  • Can take time to get used to


5. Eskimo Hand Auger

Eskimo HD07 Hand Auger with 7-Inch Dual Flat Blades

Rounding up my hand ice auger reviews is this Eskimo hand auger, which is another popular model on the market. It has a lightweight construction, good features, and I found it a great pick, especially for occasional fishers looking for an affordable drill. It can also serve as a great backup to your battery-powered borer.

To drill through hard ice when fishing on a frozen surface, your borer should be razor-sharp. This drill stands out because its blades are designed using dual-flat stainless blades, which serve two purposes: maintaining an edge and making it durable. Even when they are finally used up and dull, replacing them is equally easy. 

When it comes to ergonomics, Eskimo did a great job too. The drill’s handle not only features a firm grip, but it also has a pommel knob that makes it pretty comfortable and stable to use. Again, you can easily disassemble the drill from the handle, which I found very crucial, especially when storing it or traveling.



  • Cutting diameter: 6 inches 
  • Blades: Dual-flat model 
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds 



  • Blades come with a protector that helps to make them last longer 
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Sold affordably 
  • Uses a cross-bolt takedown system that prevent over-tightening when drilling



  • Only available in the standard six and eight-inch size 


best hand ice auger reviews


How to Select the Best Manual Ice Augers

Although manual drills might be less effective than the electric models, they come with some unique benefits, such as quiet operations, and you do not have to worry about fumes or spilled gas. So, have you identified the best model for your fishing outing this winter after reading my hand ice auger reviews above? If you haven’t, here is my comprehensive guide detailing all the things that you should consider. 

Blade Size 

Augurs are designed in different sizes, which are suitable for drilling holes of varying diameters. The most popular size is the six-inch and eight-inch diameter. So, which size is better for you? Well, this depends on a number of considerations, and the most important of them is the targeted fish.

If you are targeting small fish, such as crappie or sunfish, a drill with a small diameter can be okay. However, you will need a drill with an 8-inch diameter or more to bring out bigger fish, such as muskies or whitefish. 

Blade Quality 

In addition to size, you also need to ensure that the blade is high-quality, sharp, sturdy, and durable. Ideally, it would be best if you considered the model designed with stainless steel. Where possible, consider the model with powder coating that prevents ice build-up when drilling.


When fishing on a frozen surface, making holes can be tough, especially when the ice is thick and tough. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure you have the model with good handle ergonomics for extra comfort.

Do check for features such as rubberized hands and adjustable height.


When you head north to a frozen surface to catch fish, weighty tools can easily make your luggage heavy, and you do not want to exhaust your energy before starting to drill holes. This is why you should go for light but high-quality borers. The good thing is that the borers in the reviews above are very light and will not tire your hands when fishing. 

Final Thoughts 

A good manual rime borer is an excellent way to make holes for ice angling. In the reviews above, I have explored the top-rated hand ice auger options on the market, and you can count on them to make fishing more fulfilling and enjoyable. They not only have top of the range features but are also designed by top brands to guarantee you of the highest possible quality and value for money.

Although I vouch for the five best hand ice augers that I reviewed on this post (they are awesome in every way), the StrikeMaster Lazer Auger was unbeatable. It is designed with adjustable length and replaceable stainless steel blade, among other features that make it the ultimate dream drill for ice anglers.


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