The Best Ice Fishing Cleats

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Ice fishing cleats are necessary for walking around safely on the ice without slipping or falling. 

The best ice cleats for ice fishing work by securing heavy-duty spikes, diamond beads, coils, and chains to your boots in order to give you the traction you need to walk or run across icy surfaces when looking for the perfect spot to mount your shanty or drill your fishing hole. 

The choices of cleats, however, is wide and varied and not every angler can make the best buying decision. So, in my top five selections, I have considered all the important features ice fishing grippers should have.

Top Pick

SeaELF Crampons Traction Cleats are our top pick. These crampons sport tough and wear-resistant spikes and chains. The spikes dig into the frost to provide strong gripping power for superior traction. They come with a highly elastic webbing that is easy to put on and take off. The materials used also perform excellently under sub-zero temperatures.


The Best Ice Cleats for Ice Fishing Are:

Check out our picks. Keep on reading to get to our reviews.

  1. SeaELF Crampons Traction Cleats — Best Cleats for Ice Fishing Overall
  2. Sharkmouth Ice Cleats Crampons Traction
  3. Yaktrax Walk Traction Ice Cleats
  4. EnergeticSky Walk Traction Ice Cleats
  5. Yaktrax Diamond Grip Traction Cleats


1. SeaELF Crampons Traction Cleats — Best Cleats for Ice Fishing Overall

Ice Grippers for Climbing Fishing Hiking Hunting Jogging Playing Running Walking on Ice and Snow with 19 Stainless Steel Spikes

Are you prepared for your next winter fishing excursion? Add the best traction performance to your boots with these high performing grippers from SeaELF.



  • Double-breasted hooks
  • 19 thicken and straighten steel spikes
  • Manually welded O-rings
  • High-elastic rubber webbing
  • Cold-resistant under sub-zero temperatures


The chains and spikes at the bottom are made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, which is great because this material has anti-rust and anti-oxidation capabilities. The chains are heated and hardened for strength and durability. The O-rings; on the other hand, are manually welded for strength. The double-breasted design of the hooks helps distribute weight evenly for greater stability as well as durability.

The webbing features five-millimeter thick TPE for superior tear-resistance. The TPE is also very elastic, allowing you to pull it when fitting the cleats under your shoe without deformation or discoloration.

What’s disappointing about these cleats at the moment is the fact that only the large size is available.



  • Have superior anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties
  • The TPE webbing is highly elastic and tear-resistant
  • All-around traction ensures equal weight distribution
  • Have superior cold-resistance under sub-zero temperatures
  • Versatile design for fishing, hunting, mountaineering, and hiking



  • Only the large size is available
  • May not be ideal for smaller shoes



These cleats offer the best features for icy surfaces like wear-resistant steel, double-breasted hooks, and cold-resistant materials to guarantee the best performance.

Overall Rating: 4.7


2. Sharkmouth Ice Cleats Crampons Traction 

SHARKMOUTH Ice Cleats Crampons Traction, Ice Snow Grips for Boots Shoes, Anti Slip 19 Stainless Steel Spikes and Durable Silicone, Safe Protect for Walking, Jogging, Climbing or Hiking on Snow and Ice

Mainly for serious winter anglers and mountaineers, these high performing grippers from Sharkmouth deliver superior traction and gripping power on icy surfaces.



  • Double reinforced rubber eyelets
  • Premium stainless steel spikes
  • Double chain design
  • Temperature rating of -49F
  • Available in three sizes


The first impressive feature of these incredible crampons is the double chain connection that reinforces the design for strength and durability. The webbing is made of thick silicone for elasticity and strength. The 5mm thick double reinforced rubber eyelets offer strong performance. The webbing maintains its great structural integrity under sub-zero temperatures.

Both the chain and the spikes are made of premium stainless steel. So, you should expect them to be highly abrasion, rust, and corrosion-resistant. The spikes provide pin-point gripping power that makes them ideal for icy surfaces and angled terrain.

You’ve also got a strong Velcro attachment that doesn’t come off easily and a raised heel for maximum support.

What I don’t like about these grippers; however, is the fact that snow could build up near the metatarsal area.



  • The double chain design gives a strong performance
  • Reinforced rubber eyelets hold firm in tough conditions
  • The outstanding elasticity of the webbing allows for easy put-on
  • Strong Velcro closure provides a firm fit
  • The materials are freeze-resistant for up to -49F



  • Snow could buildup near the metatarsal area
  • It is possible to receive the wrong package



These are the ultimate best grippers for winter fishing. They are designed to fit all kinds of fishing shoes and boots.

Overall Rating: 4.7


3. Yaktrax Walk Traction Ice Cleats 

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice (1 Pair), Large

Stand up to the ice and fish with confidence with Yaktrax Walk Traction Ice Cleats. They are innovatively designed to deliver the best performance.



  • Temperature rating of -41F
  • Recycled polyelastomer webbing
  • 1.2mm high-strength steel
  • Integrated heel tab
  • Available in four sizes


These are lightweight and affordable winter slip-resistant fixings, making them ideal for anglers with a tight budget. That’s probably why they are the best selling pair in the market.

They are made of 1.2mm steel coils, which is great because they are highly abrasion-resistant and durable. The steel is zinc-coated to help prevent rust and corrosion. The coils are attached to a polyelastomer outer band that can withstand temperatures as low as negative forty degrees Fahrenheit. The outer band is also elastic for easy put-on and take-off.

These slip-resistant fixings are available in four different sizes for added versatility. You’ve also got a sizing chart that will help you choose the most ideal size.

What I don’t like about Yaktrax; however, is the fact that they don’t come with performance straps.



  • Great for fishing and light walking
  • The webbing is highly flexible for ease of use
  • The zinc-coated high-strength steel coils provide superior traction
  • The materials can resist freezing up to -40F
  • Multiple sizes are available for different boot sizes



  • They don’t come with performance straps
  • Could perform better with spikes



You don’t need to think twice about these cleats because more than four thousand people have proven their resilient performance on icy surfaces.

Overall Rating: 4.5


4. EnergeticSky Walk Traction Ice Cleats

EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons,True Stainless Steel Spikes and Durable Silicone,Boots for Hiking On Ice & Snow Ground,Mountian.

Wear your favorite winter fishing boots and walk confidently on the frozen lake with these incredible crampons from EnergeticSky.



  • True stainless steel spikes
  • Silicone upper webbing
  • Temperature rating of -60F
  • Aggressive grippers and spikes
  • Available in three sizes


These grippers feature double chain construction, which is great because it allows for equal distribution of weight as you walk and fish on the frozen lake. The spikes are multi-directional for superior versatility and are made of stainless steel for strength and rust-resistance.

The crampons are linked together using welding and stainless steel chains that will not get loose or break. The webbing is made of highly elastic silicone material that does not snap or tear easily. The materials used in this model can withstand low temperatures of up to negative sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

The silicone webbing is extremely easy to wear. You’ve also got a heavy-duty Velcro strap that allows for a strong grip that will not come off.

But the thing is, some models may come with poorly attached chains that break easily.



  • Silicone webbing is thick, tough, and cold-resistant
  • Heavy-duty spikes provide excellent traction on icy surfaces
  • The Velcro straps make the grippers more solid on the boots
  • Double chain design ensures equal weight distribution
  • Available in multiple sizes and webbing colors



  • May come with poorly attached chains 
  • They are a little bulky


These performance grippers will keep you glued to the frozen lake as you go about your business of catching your favorite winter fish species.

Overall Rating: 4.5


5. Yaktrax Diamond Grip Traction Cleats 

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats for Walking on Ice and Snow (1 Pair), Medium

Don’t let the icy slippery surfaces keep you from catching your favorite trout. Improve the traction of your boots with these amazing grippers from Yaktrax.



  • Patented diamond beads
  • Natural rubber sling
  • Rated for sub-zero temperatures
  • All-traction surfaces
  • Multiple sizes provided


These cleats come equipped with patented diamond beads, which is great because they rotate freely to reduce snow buildup. The beads are designed from case-hardened steel alloy for heavy-duty performance and durability. They also feature numerous biting edges for superior gripping power.

The sling is made of natural rubber, which is highly elastic for easy put-on. This material is capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures. You’ve got aircraft-grade steel cables that hold the beads together in very abrasive conditions. I appreciate the low profile design that does an incredible job of maximizing user comfort.

What is disappointing about this model is the fact that some cleats may come with quality control issues.



  • Low profile style maximizes user comfort
  • Heavy-duty steel cable maintains its integrity in abrasive conditions
  • Diamond beads swivel to prevent ice and snow buildup
  • Tough rubber webbing is highly weather-resistant
  • Multiple sizes to choose from



  • Possible quality issues, such as breaking of the cable
  • Could fit more firmly with a strapping system



The low profile design of these crampons makes them ideal for walking in the snow and on the ice. Not to mention that they stretch easily for quick put-on and take-off.

Overall Rating: 4.5


best ice cleats for ice fishing


How to Pick the Best Ice Fishing Cleats


There are way too many ice cleats on the market, which can be confusing if you are looking to buy the best ice cleats for ice fishing for the first time. Here are a few things that can help with the search:


Spikes, Coils, or Diamond Beads

Good ice fishing cleats can have spikes, coils, beads, or a combination. Spikes are usually preferred by many people because they provide superior gripping power on frozen surfaces. They are also suitable when moving from ice to snow and vice versa.

Coils provide great slip-resistant performance on an icy surface, but they don’t have the ultimate best gripping power. Diamond beads; on the other hand, are equipped with hundreds of biting edges to provide superior grip from all directions. The best ice cleats for ice fishing with diamond beads are usually self-cleaning.


Always Choose Premium Materials

The best ice fishing cleats should feature highly rust and corrosion-resistant materials, preferably stainless steel. The webbing that attaches to the upper of your shoes should be made of highly elastic materials, such as premium rubber or silicone. 

This way, you will be able to easily stretch the webbing when putting on or taking off the grippers. Also, consider materials that will be able to resist freezing under sub-zero temperatures.


Heavy-Duty Construction

Cold-resistant materials are extremely important but not as important as the construction of the cleats.

The best ice fishing cleats must have a strong design that can withstand repeated use.

The chains must be properly linked, to help prevent breaking under heavy use. Look for special features that improve the structural integrity of the design, such as double chain, welded O-rings, and reinforced eyelets. I also advise you to consider a pair that comes with straps or Velcro closure to improve the fit and prevent the grippers from coming off.


Final Thoughts

For this roundup, the winner is SeaELF Crampons Traction Cleats. These newly released grippers have taken the market by a surprise with a very budget-friendly price tag. You get two colors for preference, including black and orange. When compared to conventional products in the market, these crampons perform excellently both on ice and in snow.

The cleats are fitted with rust and oxidation-resistant stainless spikes and chains. The spikes provide great gripping power on slippery icy surfaces like a frozen lake. They are equipped with manually welded O-rings for strength and durability. They also have a heavy-duty strapping system that improves fit and prevents the grippers from coming off during winter fishing.


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