The Best Ice Fishing Gloves | Insulated + Waterproof 

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When fishing in the cold, you need a high-quality pair of flexible and warm gloves to keep your hands’ mobility and avoid frostbite.

The best ice fishing gloves are waterproof with excellent wind and scratch resistance. They provide superior grip in and out of the water. The extra thickness helps prevent blistering on the palms. They’ll also protect you from fish teeth and sharp fins.

The choices of ice fishing gloves, however, are myriad, and it’s hard to figure out what’s best So, in my selections, I considered the highest quality, most versatile, and most durable models for you.


Top Pick

Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Convertible Ice Fishing Gloves are my top pick. This new pair has taken the market by a surprise with its convertible design, maximum dexterity, superior warmth, and enhanced grip performance. You will love how easily they convert into three-cut fingers for added versatility.


The Best Ice Fishing Gloves Are:

  1. Big Worm Fishing Men’s Neoprene Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves
  2. Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Convertible Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Convertible Gloves
  3. KastKing Mountain Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Adjustable Cuff
  4. Glacier Glove Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Seamless Palm Design
  5. Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Gloves — Best All-Purpose Gloves
  6. Palmyth Flexible Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Machine Washable Gloves


1. Big Worm Fishing Men’s Neoprene Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves

Mens Neoprene Gloves Waterproof Fishing Gloves – Ice Fishing Gloves Waterproof Men – Textured Grip Palm Neoprene Fishing Gloves – Soft Lining –Waterproof Gloves for Fishing –One Size Fits Most L to XL

Specifically designed for ice fishing, these neoprene mitts from Big Worm Fishing will keep your hands dry and warm. And they are tough enough to protect your fingers from sharp objects.



  • Waterproof neoprene mitts
  • Textured grip palm and fingers
  • Five millimeters thick
  • Multipurpose design
  • One size fits all


These high performing angling mitts are made of premium neoprene, which is great because they are highly waterproof. This unique material offers a snug fit and reliable adroitness in using both hands. So, you can easily strip lines, tie knots, and even pockets. They are also latex-free and they present no risk for allergic people.

The mitts are five-millimeter thick; so, expect them to keep your hands well-protected from the cold. The palm and fingers of both gloves are equipped with a textured grip surface to give you a tight grip on the fishing line, bait, rod, and fish.

What’s disappointing about these high-performing mitts is the one size fits all design and the available sizes are only men’s.



  • Waterproof design keeps hands dry and warm
  • Fit snugly and allow for superior adroitness in using your hands
  • Latex-free design is perfect for allergic ice fishers
  • Exceptionally thick for good thermal insulation
  • The textured grip on palm and fingers improves performance



  • One size fits all may not be ideal for some people
  • Possible to receive a pair with abrasive edges



These are great mitts for the right person. They fit snugly for superior comfort and dexterity. But make sure you don’t receive a model with sharp edges.

Overall Rating: 4.8


2. Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Convertible Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Convertible Gloves

Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Fishing Gloves Convertible 3-Finger Ice Fishing Gloves Warm for Cold Weather and Winter Men Women Photography Running Outdoor (Black, Medium)

These high-quality, high performing convertible mittens from Palmyth sport an innovative convertible design, soft high-stretch fleece, and enhanced silicone palm grip.



  • Convertible mittens
  • High-stretch fleece fabric
  • Silicone palm grips
  • Maximum dexterity
  • High performing magnet


These incredible gloves boast a magnetic convertible design that allows you to convert them from full fingers to three-cut fingers. The three-cut fingers design comes in handy when you want to accomplish tasks that need bare fingers like tying knots, stripping lines, fishing, opening pockets, and even texting with your smartphone.

I truly appreciate the soft high-stretch fleece fabric, considering that it is wind-resistant and anti-pilling. The palm is fitted with partial anti-slip silicone and synthetic leather grips to help prevent wear and tear. On the inside, you have a warm fleece membrane for superior thermal insulation. You’ve also got an integrated heat-pack compatible pocket, which is great because they add warmth to your palms.

Another good thing about these mittens is the fact that they come with a sizing chart and instructions on how to measure the length and width of your palms.

What I don’t like; however, is the fact that all the provided sizes are for men. So, women buying these gloves may have to size down.



  • Convert easily into three-cut fingers
  • Wind-resistant, stretchable, and anti-pilling
  • Silicone palm grips prevent wear and tear
  • Heat-pack pocket provides extra warmth
  • A glove sizing chart is provided



  • Only available in men’s sizes
  • They are not waterproof



If you want highly versatile mittens that will keep your hands warm and allow you to do other chores that require bare fingers, then these are your go-to option.

Overall Rating: 4.8


3. KastKing Mountain Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Adjustable Cuff

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves – Cold Winter Weather Fishing Gloves – Fishing Gloves for Men and Women – Ideal as Ice Fishing, Photography, or Hunting Gloves(Blackout, Small)

While tough enough to protect you from fish teeth and sharp fins, the KastKing Mountain Ice Fishing Gloves provide exceptional warmth, flexibility, and dexterity.



  • Convertible finger slits
  • Microfiber palm with a non-slip polymer grip
  • Fleece-line
  • Adjustable neoprene cuff
  • Available in several sizes


The design of these amazing mitts features three premium materials. You have a fleece lining on the back for unmatched windproof and waterproof performance. You’ve also got a soft neoprene and microfiber palm, which do a good job of keeping your hands warm in icy environments. The palm is highly slip-resistant and durable. The fingertips are touch screen friendly for added versatility.

You can effortlessly convert these mitts into three-cut fingers with the convenient finger slits. The functional finger slots attach firmly to the Velcros when opened. With the tips of your thumb, middle finger, and index finger exposed, you tie knots and split lines easily.

But the thing is, the finger slits may not be big enough for some people.



  • Can easily be converted into three-cut fingers
  • Fingertips are smartphone-friendly
  • The fleece lining makes the mittens waterproof and windproof
  • Printed polymer on the palm improves grip performance
  • Adjustable neoprene cuff guarantees a snug fit



  • It is possible to receive a model with tight-fitting finger slits
  • Some models may come with quality issues



These are the perfect mittens for the right person. They help keep your hands dry, warm, and functional for most activities during ice fishing.

Overall Rating: 4.5


4. Glacier Glove Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves — Best Seamless Palm Design

Glacier Glove Pro Angler Neoprene Glove M - Black, Model: 821BK M

With six sizes to choose from, you can grab a pair of Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves for anyone who wants to go ice fishing with you.



  • Fleece-lined neoprene
  • Convert to 2-cut fingers
  • Seamless palm design
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Techline neoprene


These good quality ice fishing gloves are made of two-millimeter thick fleece-lined neoprene. This well-thought-out combination provides great protection and warmth for your hands and allows your fingers to wiggle freely. Neoprene makes the gloves water-repellant and highly resistant to chemicals.

I truly appreciate the pre-curved fingers, given the fact that they provide a very comfortable and snug fit. The sharkskin textured palm; on the other hand, gives outstanding grip performance and durability. Converting these mitts into two-cut fingers is as easy as flipping the slits and attaching them to the Velcros. The cuffs are pretty long to enhance thermal insulation and they have ergonomic straps for fit customization.

What I don’t like; however, is the fact that they are not waterproof and they also tend to run large.



  • The correct size fits snugly and comfortably
  • Convert easily into two-cut fingers for added versatility
  • Provide reliable dexterity for using your phone
  • Sharkskin textured palm offers superior grip
  • Long cuffs help lock warmth inside the mitts



  • They are not 100 percent waterproof
  • Some sizes tend to run large



The Pro Angler Ice Fishing Gloves are great for warmth, flexibility, and dexterity. But make sure you choose a size that will not run large.

Overall Rating: 4.5


5. Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Gloves — Best All-Purpose Gloves

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove, Black, X-Small

Designed to completely keep your hands dry and warm, these cold-weather are perfect for ice fishing.



  • 2-mm fleece-lined neoprene
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Seamless palm design
  • Sharkskin textured
  • Blind stitched and glued


These are waterproof angling mitts made of 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent polyester, which is great because the gloves are shrink-free, elastic, and strong. They provide a snug fit for comfort and improved adroitness in using your hands. Seamless palm construction improves durability. The fleece lining; on the other hand, enhances thermal insulation and comfort.

You’ve got six different sizes, including small and extra small, making them suitable for both kids and adults. Sharkskin texture on the palm offers superior gripping power and helps prevent wear and tear.

Another good feature is the extended length of the cuffs, which ensure your wrists don’t get wet. Also, the long cuffs help conserve warmth.

But the thing is, it is possible to receive gloves with poorly glued seams due to inconsistent quality control from one pair to another.



  • Provide excellent waterproof performance
  • Fit snugly and comfortably for ease of use and dexterity
  • The fleece lining improves comfort and thermal insulation
  • Sharkskin textured palms offer great grip power
  • Available in several glove sizes



  • Some models may come with poorly glued seams
  • Could be better if they were a little bit thicker



The Ice Bay gloves from Glacier are perfect for ice fishing and any other outdoor activity in the cold. But make sure you receive a model with no quality issues.

Overall Rating: 4.4


6. Palmyth Flexible Ice Fishing Gloves Best Machine Washable Gloves

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves Warm for Men and Women Cold Weather Insulated Water Repellent Great for Ice Fishing Fly Fishing Photography Motorcycling Running Shooting Cycling (Black/Grey, Large)

These uniquely designed mittens from Palmyth come with all the technical features you want for angling in cold environments.



  • Convertible gloves
  • Water-repellent & windproof
  • Silicone palm grip
  • Several sizes are available
  • Adjustable wrist Velcro strap


These good quality gloves are available in seven different sizes, which is great because they can fit kids who are interested in angling during winter. They convert easily into three-cut fingers, allowing you to do more with your bare fingers like splitting lines and tying knots. When opened, the splits are firmly held in place with powerful magnets.

On the inside, you have three layers of plush fleece that improve thermal insulation for superior warmth. You’ve also got a windproof TPU membrane that helps keep your hands dry during angling.

What I find disappointing about these mittens are the sizes, they tend to run large.



  • Windproof softshell helps keep your hands dry
  • The silicone palm grip is highly slip-resistant
  • Three layers of fabric on the inside improve warmth
  • They easily convert into three-cut fingers
  • They are available in multiple sizes



  • Some sizes tend to run large
  • They are not 100 percent waterproof



These mitts are ideal for angling in the cold. They offer excellent warmth, grip, and dexterity. Just make sure you choose a pair that doesn’t run large.

Overall Rating: 4.4


best ice fishing gloves


Things to Look for in Ice Fishing Gloves

Choosing the best ice fishing gloves does not have to be a difficult process. You just need to know what to look for. Here are a few things that can help with your search.


Finger Style

Ice fishing gloves come in three different styles, full fingers, three-cut fingers, and convertible. As the name suggests, full-finger gloves have no exposed fingers. They are usually made of high stretch premium materials, such as neoprene for flexibility.

Full finger gloves provide superior warmth and they are highly water-resistant and durable.

Three-cut finger mitts have your thumb, index finger, and middle finger exposed for convenient operation, but they may not be the warmest. Convertible mitts; on the other hand, conveniently convert from full fingers to three-cut fingers. Convertible fishing gloves can have a magnetic or Velcro design.



Once you have decided on the type or design of mitts you want, the next important thing to consider is the material. The most popular materials you can consider are Neoprene, Gore-tex, fleece, polyester, wool, latex, and spandex blend.

The material you choose must provide the ideal insulation you need during ice fishing. The material should also be water-resistant or waterproof.


Glove Size

Any glove you buy should fit comfortably. So, you have to choose the most appropriate size. Glove sizing can be indicated by letters (x-large, large, medium, small, or x-small) or by numbers (10”, 9”, 8”, 7”, or 6.5”). The glove sizing chart may vary slightly from one brand to another. Some brands manufacture xx-large mittens.

There are two key measurements you need to take to determine your ideal glove size: the width and the length of your hand.

For the width, measure the widest point of your palm below the knuckles. For the length, measure from the top of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. Then compare the measurements to the ones on a glove sizing chart to determine your perfect size.


Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Convertible Ice Fishing Gloves. These convertible mitts are the ultimate best for ice fishing. You can conveniently use them as full fingers or three-cut fingers. They are made of premium fleece, which means they are very stretchy as well as wind-resistant.

They took the top spot on my list because they meet all requirements in my criteria. The magnetic convertible design is super easy to use. They are made of premium material with exceptional palm grips. They are also available in multiple sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

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