The Best Ice Fishing Line Reviews & Buying Guide

Welcome to our review of the best ice fishing lines.

About a half-century ago, in addition to your all-season gear, the only tool you needed for an ice fishing expedition was an ax to cut dig through the ice. Things have since advanced significantly.

There’s a wide range of equipment required, but an ice fishing line is one of the must-haves for a more exciting ice fishing expedition. Let’s explore some of the best ice fishing lines on the market, to help you choose the best one for your needs.



Our Top Pick

While you have to make the final decision, we especially recommend the Sufix 832 Ice Braid line. Braided lines are known for their incredible strength and sensitivity, which are the basic features you need for successful ice fishing. This line is also highly durable and reasonably priced for the features it has to offer.



Best Ice Fishing Line Reviews

Sufix 832 Ice Braid – The Best Ice Fishing Line Overall

Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure, Ghost, 10-Pound

Sufix 832 Ice Braid line is one of the smallest-diameter and lowest visibility ice fishing lines you can find today. While it is super-thin, it offers the remarkable strength that you would expect from braided lines. If you’re looking for a super-sensitive line that has minimal stretch, the 832 Ice Braid would be your ideal choice.


Key Features

  • R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology
  • 7 HMPE Fibers + 1 GORE® Performance Fiber
  • 32 weaves per inch
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Small diameter
  • Hydrophobic water-repellent protection


These features define a top ice fishing line. 832 Ice Braid line features eight fibers. Seven fibers are of ultra-strong Dyneema (HMPE), which contribute to its high strength and sensitivity.

The other fiber is a performance fiber from GORE, which adds remarkable fray and abrasion resistance for exceptional durability. The line is wound with R8 precision braiding technology, which helps to uphold uniformity and roundness along the entire length of the line.

This ice fishing line sinks more quickly than most of its competitors, thanks to its thin diameter. With hydrophobic water-repellent protection, this line is less likely to freeze out of the water. Also worthy of note is that this line comes in different strengths, ranging from 4 to 50-pound test.

You can choose one that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, it is only available in 50-yard spools.



  • Super sensitive
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Super thin diameter
  • Different strengths to choose from



  • Only available in 50-yard spools


Sufix 832 ice braid line is an excellent option if you’re looking for an ultra-thin, sturdy, and low stretch line. Besides being durable and abrasion resistant, this line is hardly visible underwater. It is a super sensitive performance braided fishing line for steadfast ice anglers.


Overall Rating 4.9/5.0



P-Line Floroice Fishing Line – Best Ice Fishing Line for Panfish

P-Line Floroice Fishing Spool (100 Yard, 6-Pound)

Our second best choice for the best ice fishing line is P-Line Floroice line. This option is composed of Copolymer and silicon fluorocarbon coating. The combination does a great job at resisting freezing and ensures the line remains limp in the lowest of temperatures.


Key Features

  • 100-yard spool
  • Virtually invisible underwater
  • Superb knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Freeze-resistant


P-Line Floroice line derives its exceptional strength from the copolymer construction. It can be an excellent option for targeting medium-sized panfish, but it can also handle some of the larger ones. This line is designed to resist freezing.

You can expect it to maintain limpness even when the temperatures drop too low. This ensures efficient movement in the water besides helping the line to uphold its sensitivity. Another great thing about the Floroice line is that it rarely gets brittle, and so has minimal chances of breaking.

The fish can’t easily spot this line underwater, thanks to the fluorocarbon coating. The only notable downside of this line is that it tends to coil when cast into the water. Fortunately, it often straightens out when the fish start to bite.



  • Can handle most panfish
  • Resists freezing
  • Hard to break
  • Invisible underwater



  • The line tends to coil at first


P-Line Floroice fishing line is an excellent choice if you are looking to catch panfish. The copolymer line has a fluorocarbon silicon coating that minimizes water absorption and prevents freezing. It also reduces line memory, which eliminates kinking or tangling. It is a sound choice for the price.


Overall Rating 4.8/5.0



Berkley Trilene Micro Monofilament – Best Monofilament Ice Fishing Line

Trilene Micro Ice

Berkley offers premium products for a wide range of conditions. The Trilene Micro Monofilament is among the top-rated monofilament lines for ice fishing available today. This line is made from a high-quality monofilament and delivers outstanding strength per diameter when compared to its competitors.


Key Features

  • Premium monofilament for quick hookups
  • Excellent strength per diameter
  • Low stretch design


With its low-stretch design, you get excellent lure control and high sensitivity for faster hooksets. Its small diameter makes it ideal for catching small baits.

However, it still has the strength needed to pull a lunker through the ice. The Trilene Micro also has impressive abrasion resistance, which increases its durability. It is unlike most monofilament lines, which have issues with abrasion resistance. However, it is not as durable as braided lines.

The line is designed to sink fast and deliver ultra-realistic performance. The risk of losing your fish when landing through the ice is pretty low. It is also competitively priced, making it affordable for most ice anglers, especially beginners on a tight budget.



  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable



  • Less durable than braided lines


Berkley Trilene Micro Monofilament ice fishing line is an excellent option for anyone in need of a performance monofilament line on a budget. It offers increased durability in addition to all the benefits of monofilament. It is a reasonably-priced line with high-performance functionality.


Overall Rating 4.7/5.0



Northland BI125-6-CL Bionic Ice Fishing Line – Great for North Country Winters

Northland BI125-6-CL 125-Yard Bionic Ice Line, 6-Pound, Clear

Here’s another line that is perfect for most panfish. The Northland Bionic ice fishing line is made of monofilament and tests at six pounds, delivering impressive strength.


Key Features

  • 125-yard spool
  • 6 lb. test
  • Smooth and reliable
  • High sensitivity and flexibility
  • Extreme cold weather performance


This line is specially designed to maintain its features even in the coldest of conditions. It won’t become rigid but rather maintain its limpness when the temperatures drop to low. Additionally, this bionic line is exceptionally sensitive, transmitting the action from a bite swiftly up the line.

It works effectively with various lures and baits. You won’t have any problems whether you prefer using jigs, spoons, or bobbers. Despite its great attributes, this ice fishing line is not without some downsides.

The biggest issue is that it tends to coil when being cast in the water. That is not a deal breaker, however, as the line mostly has low memory.



  • Ideal for fishing panfish
  • Impressive flexibility despite the temperature
  • Highly sensitive
  • Can work with most lures and baits



  • The line tends to coil in the water


If you want a line that you can rely on for extreme cold weather performance, you can’t go wrong with Northland BI125-6-CL Bionic ice fishing line. It is a silky smooth, tough monofilament line designed for cold weather performance. It offers the invisibility and flexibility you need to put more and stronger fish on ice.


Overall Rating 4.7/5.0



KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line – Best Value for The Money

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line,Low-Vis Gray,20 LB,327 Yds

KastKing Superpower braided fishing line is loaded with amazing features for a great ice fishing adventure. It is perfect for both beginners and veterans. It is made from a heavy-duty polyethylene fiber and boasts a low memory and outstanding design.


Key Features

  • Abrasion-resistant braided lines
  • Zero stretch
  • Small diameter
  • Superb super line
  • Great knot strength
  • Superior hook setting
  • Low memory
  • Spool lengths 327 to 1097 yards
  • Line test options 6 to 150 lbs.


This line features a rounder, smoother surface, which helps maximize the casting distance and minimize backlashes while fishing. It also has minimal friction, allowing you to cast further and increase the chance of reaching your target.

Superpower line is made to resist abrasion and UV radiation so that you can safely fish around underwater rocks, wood, and other hard objects. Furthermore, the resistance contributes to increased durability so that you can use your line for a considerably long time.

This line is easy to cast and handle, thanks to its remarkably low memory. It boasts zero stretches, super sensitivity, and fantastic hook setting, which helps maximize its catch ratio. You can feel the bite immediately the fish nibbles on the bait.

Another remarkable attribute is that this line doesn’t absorb water, maintaining its strength and tensile. However, it may not be the right choice for you if you are tight on finances as it is quite expensive compared to its competitors.



  • Easy to cast
  • Impressive knot strength
  • Durable construction
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Improved strike detection
  • Available in various sizes and colors



  • Changing lures can be hard
  • Quite pricey


KastKing Superpower braided fishing line is a solid investment if you don’t like the idea of having to change your line often. With just a single purchase, you’ll have a line that lasts for years and delivers exceptional results. However, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket to enjoy the benefits of this line. It provides excellent value for your money, nonetheless. If you’re looking for something a little less specialized that you can also use for general fishing, try the KastKing FluorKote, which is among the best fishing lines out there.


Overall Rating 4.6/5.0



Suffix Ice Magic Mono Fishing Line – Best Line for Ice Fishing Walleye

Sufix Ice Magic 100 YD Spool (Clear, Size- 2 lb)

If you are looking to catch walleye, Sufix Ice Magic Monofilament line would maximize your odds of success. This is a high-performance monofilament line designed to remain manageable even in frigid water.


Key Features

  • 100-yard spool
  • Remains manageable even in frigid water
  • Fast sinking
  • Water absorption resistant
  • Light and low density


This line is designed to repel water and maintain its strength even when the temperature drops below the freezing point. It has special additives that prevent water absorption, so you don’t have to worry about your reel getting frozen or accumulating ice.

The line maintains low density and lightness while in water to promote effective penetration into the water, allowing for faster sinking. That’s what makes it one of the best ice fishing lines. However, you may need to look elsewhere if you want a more sensitive line.



  • Prevents water absorption and ice accumulation
  • Stays strong and efficient even in sub-freezing point temperatures



  • Sensitivity is somewhat wanting


Overall, Sufix Ice Magic line is a high-performance ice fishing line that maintains its efficiency even when the temperature drops below freezing point. This line is durable enough for extreme conditions, but light and subtle in the water, making it a perfect choice for your next winter expedition.


Overall Rating 4.5/5.0



Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon Ice Line – Best Fluorocarbon Ice Fishing Line

Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon 4 Ice Fishing Line, Clear

Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon line offers all the features you would need in an ice fishing line. The remarkably durable and abrasion-resistant line is designed to remain pliable even in the lowest of temperatures. It also boasts an incredibly high strength-to-diameter-ratio.


Key Features

  • Pure fluorocarbon construction
  • Remains pliable in cold temperatures
  • Virtually invisible in water
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Low stretch formula
  • Thin diameter


This line can bear any ice fishing situation, thanks to high sensitivity, low stretch, and low visibility underwater. It is designed to deliver solid hook sets.

While most fluorocarbon lines have a problem with line memory, that’s not the case with this particular product. It has low line memory, which increases its efficiency in low-temperature environments.

It’s worth noting that this line only comes in 2 to 6-pound test. Its an ideal choice for ultralight fishing tasks that require high sensitivity and line invisibility.



  • Super sensitive
  • Exceptionally low stretch
  • Virtually invisible to fish



  • Not available above 6 lb. test


Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon line is a great investment if you are looking for an invisible, highly sensitive, and lightweight ice fishing line. It is designed to deliver solid hookups on fastidious and small-bodied fish.


Overall Rating 4.5/5.0



Seaguar Abrazx 50-Yards Fluorocarbon Ice Fishing Line

Seaguar Abrazx 100% Fluorocarbon 1000 Yard Fishing Line (15-Pound)

Seaguar Abrazx line is another heavy-duty fluorocarbon ice fishing line. It boasts not only tensile strength but also excellent impact strength. It can be an excellent option for catching small to mid-sized panfish.


Key Features

  • Clear 100-percent fluorocarbon leader
  • DSF – Double Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Level Wind technology
  • Superb abrasion resistance
  • Great knot strength
  • Excellent impact strength


Besides its exceptional durability, Abrazx line also has impressive abrasion resistance properties. While it is designed specifically for freshwater applications, it can also deliver a satisfactory performance in saltwater environments.

This line is highly flexible. It will move efficiently even when the surrounding waters are quite still. Hence, it would be an ideal choice if you’re looking for an ice fishing line that can move your lure effectively.

Thanks to the fluorocarbon construction, this line can’t be easily seen by fish, even while fishing in an ice hole. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is quite pricey since each spool carries only 50 yards. Nonetheless, it can be a great investment if you want to use it as a leader line.



  • Virtually invisible
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized fish
  • Highly flexible regardless of the temperature



  • Short spool length


All in all, Seaguar Abrazx line is a great option for anyone looking for an option that can be used in any ice fishing reel. This line offers excellent knot and impact strength without compromising its flexibility and sensitivity even in the coldest of conditions. It is almost invisible to fish, which helps maximize your catch ratio.


Overall Rating 4.4/5.0



PowerPro Ice-Tec – Best Braided Ice Fishing Line

Power Pro 23300050050A 50-Yard Ice-Tec Line, 5-Pound, Blue

PowerPro Ice-Tec line is another excellent braided choice that offers impressive features for ice fishing. This line is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which makes it less prone to water absorption, a problem that is common with braided lines.


Key Features

  • Minimal water retention
  • Maintains flexibility in freezing temperatures
  • Remarkable abrasion resistance
  • Strong knot performance
  • Thin diameter for enhanced performance
  • Weights 5 to 15 lb. test


This line comes in 5, 8, 10, and 15-pound tests, with super-thin diameters and excellent sensitivity. It is built with a formula that makes it retain less water, ensuring it remains flexible even when the temperatures drop below freezing point.

With its superb abrasion resistance, it can survive jagged ice. The high sensitivity ensures you don’t fail to feel the slightest of strikes. It is also virtually invisible to fish, thanks to its ultra-thin diameter.

The major shortcoming of this ice fishing line, like most braided lines, is that it frequently has knotting issues.



  • Coating minimizes water absorption
  • Remarkably strong
  • Virtually invisible to fish



  • Knotting problems


PowerPro Ice-Tec line is an outstanding choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly braided ice fishing line. It features a thin diameter and powerful knot strength. With this line, you’re sure to get the needed sensitivity and durability for ice fishing.


Overall Rating 4.3/5.0



Buying Guide Selecting the Best Ice Fishing Line

A great ice fishing line should be strong, durable, have low visibility, and perform efficiently in cold temperatures. There are several other factors to consider to ensure you choose the right ice fishing line for your needs.



How much does the line stretch when in the water? An ideal ice fishing line should have minimal to zero stretch. This ensures that you feel the slightest movement in the line, increasing your chance of knowing when you have a bite.



A good line should have low memory. A line with high memory is more susceptible to curling and forming springs when cast. Conversely, a low memory line has higher sensitivity as it straightens out when cast.


Type of Fishing Line

There are three primary types of ice fishing lines – monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines.

Monofilament lines typically have low memory in low temperatures. They’ll straighten out quickly when cast, even in cold conditions, making them a great option for ice fishing. They also have low stretch, delivering better sensitivity and control over your bait.

Braided lines, on the other hand, are popular for their exceptional strength. They are a good option for catching larger fish and deep-water fishing. They also have near zero stretch in cold conditions as well as pretty low memory when cast. Hence, they are some of the most sensitive ice fishing lines you can find.

If you want to remain as incognito as possible underwater, a fluorocarbon line would be an ideal option for you. The major problem with fluorocarbon lines is that they are not very sensitive.


Ice Fishing in Winter


Final Thoughts

Successful ice fishing requires the right set of equipment. This also applies to fishing lines. Not all fishing lines can bear the inflexibilities of ice fishing. Ice fishing lines are crafted to handle various challenges of the icy environment, including the type of fish you are targeting. With the information shared in this article, we hope you will have an easy time choosing the best ice fishing line for your needs.

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