Propane Ice Auger Reviews: Best Gas-Powered Borers

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To ice fish, you need an ice auger to make a hole in the ice.

And if you can get the best gas ice auger, well, that’s a seriously powerful tool for drilling a hole through a hard icy surface. Unlike manual augers, gas-powered designs are more efficient, fast, and incredibly easy to use. The best models come with the highest performing engines and heavy-duty quantum cutting blades.

You’ve got several options to consider on the market. But you wouldn’t know which model is best for you unless you do a little research. So, in my propane ice auger reviews, I took into consideration all the important features you are looking for.


Top Pick

Eskimo Mako 10-Inch Quantum Ice Gas Auger is the most liked and the bestseller. It features a 43cc viper two-cycle engine that has been cold-weather tested. The included quantum blades are best suited for drilling and re-drilling, while the all-metal transmission provides optimum gearing. The ergonomically designed handlebars and fingertip throttle trigger allow for effortless operation.


Here Are My Propane Ice Auger Reviews:

1. Eskimo Mako 10-Inch Quantum Ice Gas Auger — Overall Best Gas Ice Auger

Eskimo M43Q10 Mako 43cc with 10" Quantum Ice Auger

Powered by a 43 cc viper two-cycle engine that is cold-weather tested, the Eskimo Mako delivers precise power for drilling and re-drilling holes.



  • 43cc viper two-cycle engine
  • Quantum blades
  • Fingertip throttle trigger
  • All-metal transmission
  • Wide-wing tubular steel handlebars


This gas auger makes use of a compact yet powerful cold-weather tested 43cc two-cycle viper engine, which powers through the ice with ease. The strong output delivers sixty-two foot-pounds of torque for maximum performance. I appreciate the innovatively designed air filtration system that does a great job of keeping out dirt to prolong engine life. The engine works optimally with 87+ octane unleaded.

Durable and comfortable foam grip steel handlebars minimize vibration and are angled upward for superior control. You’ve got an oversized plastic handle at the top that allows for easy starting of the engine. The handle is grooved to allow a strong grip while wearing mittens.

The Mako 10-inch comes equipped with quantum blades, which is great because they cut quickly and stay sharp longer compared to the competition. The centering ring keeps your cut even, smooth, and consistent.

But the thing is, some models may come with a poorly made trigger that can easily break off the cable.



  • The powerful engine makes drilling easier and faster
  • Air filtration system keeps dirt out of the engine
  • Foam grip on the handlebars reduce vibration
  • The upward angle of the handlebars offer greater control
  •  Quantum blades cut remarkably fast



  • Possible to receive a Mako with poorly made trigger handle
  • Customer support isn’t always satisfactory



Right out of the box, the Mako 10-inch is easy to start, cuts fast, and the blades stay sharp longer. But make sure you get a model with no design issues.

Overall Rating: 4.6


2. Eskimo F1 Rocket 10-Inch Gas Engine Ice Auger — Best Value Model

Eskimo F1R10 F1 Rocket Auger 10" Complete Quantum Ice Auger

Dig into the ice with ease with the F1 Rocket 10-Inch from Eskimo. It spins smoothly, and effectively to give the best performance.



  • 33cc two-cycle Viper engine
  • Precision stainless blades
  • Rocket auger
  • Shielding aluminum handlebar
  • Stainless centering point


This innovatively engineered auger runs, spins, and cuts fast. Its impeccable performance is attributed to the 33cc two-cycle engine that is tuned for high performance to deliver optimal power from start to finish when cutting holes.

The shielding aluminum handlebars are curved upwards for better control. The handles are foam-coated for vibration dampening.

An advanced all-metal transmission transforms the superior engine power into exceptionally fast spinning speed when cutting or drilling holes. The F1 Rocket Auger spins over forty-five percent faster compared to similar augers in its class. It shreds through frost smoothly and evenly with its precision cast bottom.

What I don’t like about the F1 Rocket Auger; however, is the fact that the cutting head tends to ice up below zero.



  • The engine delivers optimal performance from start to finish
  • Streamlined transmission design increases cutting speed
  • The stainless steel blades have superior edge retention
  • Fingertip throttle trigger offers precise power control
  • Foam-coated steel handlebars provide vibration dampening



  • The cutting head may freeze up below zero
  • May not be the best option for digging dirty icy surfaces



The redesigned powerhead, heavy-duty handlebars, and all-metal transmission will deliver optimum performance. Just don’t use this model on dirty icy surfaces.

Overall Rating: 4.6


3. Eskimo F1 Rocket 8-Inch Gas Engine Ice Auger 

Eskimo F1 Viper 33cc Gas Engine with Rocket 8 Inch Bit Ice Fishing Drill Auger

The F1 Rocket 8-Inch from Eskimo is the perfect size for anyone new to ice fishing. The 33cc viper two-cycle engine delivers the best performance out of the box.



  • Streamlined transmission
  • 33cc viper two-cycle engine
  • Aluminum handlebars
  • Stainless steel precision blades
  • Ergonomic fingertip throttle trigger 


This 33cc two-cycle unit is lightweight, rugged, and dependable. At only twenty-two pounds, the F1 Rocket 8-Inch is easy to carry and transport.

The F1 Rocket 8-Inch version cuts holes quickly with its eight-inch stainless steel cutting system. Stainless steel blades cut quickly and effectively and stay sharp longer than ordinary models. The auger also comes equipped with a blade protector for added durability.

The stainless centering point ensures the auger is stable when cutting holes on an uneven surface. The centering ring; on the other hand, allows you to make consistent cuts with ease.

But the thing is, you need to know how to balance gas and oil for optimum results in case you can’t get your hands on pre-mixed fuel.



  • Has an exceptional horsepower that delivers superior drilling
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to transport to the frozen lake
  • Highly ergonomic fingertip throttle trigger
  • Upward curved foam handles provide a strong grip and control
  • Heavy-duty centering point improves stability on uneven icy surfaces



  • May fail to perform optimally if gas and fuel aren’t properly mixed
  • Could perform better with a vibration absorption spring



If you are looking for an eight-inch auger that is designed to deliver precision power and control, look no further than this great model from Eskimo.

Overall Rating: 4.6


4. Eskimo HC40Q8 High Compression Ice Auger Eskimo HC40Q8 High Compression 40cc Propane with 8" Quantum Ice Auger

The HC40Q8 is designed for precision performance on the icy surface with minimal emissions. It is ideal for drilling and re-drilling holes.



  • 40cc high-compression four-cycle engine
  • Quantum blade system
  • All-metal transmission
  • No prime fuel system
  • Low maintenance construction


The HC40Q8 has one of the most rugged and high performing engines in the market. The 40cc four-cycle engine is built for propane, which means it takes advantage of the higher octane propane. This high-compression engine gives you superior power with less weight. The auger is incredibly easy to start when it has no design issues and the propane fuel burns clean.

What truly takes my breath away when working with this machine are the quantum blades. They cut super fast through the tough ice surface. The centering point enhances stability, while the centering ring allows for consistent cutting.

But the thing is, it is possible to receive a model with fouled plugs that may lead to prolonged cranking.



  • Runs on propane to reduce emissions
  • The engine features a block-style air filter to keep out dirt
  • Quantum blades cut faster through the ice
  • The centering point improves stability
  • The centering ring allows for consistent cutting



  • Some models may come with fouled plugs
  • The box may arrive in poor condition



You don’t need to be an expert in mixing gas and oil to be able to use the HC40Q8 because it is engineered to use propane. So, expect prime performance with minimal emissions.

Overall Rating: 4.5


propane ice auger reviews


Things to Consider When Looking for a Propane Gas Ice Auger


Which gas auger do I pick? That’s probably what you are deliberating on when the ice fishing season is imminent. Here are a few things that can help you pick the best model:


Know Your Engine

When it comes to gas augers, the performance mainly depends on the engine, as I have clearly stated in our top four propane ice auger reviews.

You’ve got two types of gas engines to consider, 2-cycle and 4-cycle.

When looking for gas augers, you will notice that most models have two-cycle engines. The main advantage of this type of engine for you are the fewer parts, meaning fewer things to go wrong. On the downside, 2-cycle engines need you to mix gas and oil, which means smoky exhausts.

A 4-cycle engine, on the other hand, is more efficient. Most four-stroke engines are built to use propane, reducing emissions. They also start with less fuss and generate less noise. On the negative side, 4-cycle engines can take more cranking to start (hard start).


Ice Auger Sizing

What hole size is enough for your ice fishing needs? It all depends on the type of fish you want to extract out of the frozen lake. The most popular sizes as stated in our propane ice auger reviews are 10-inch and 8-inch.

In most cases, an eight-inch cutting system is enough for most anglers, but you can always make the hole bigger by upgrading to a ten-inch.


Special Design Features

I always appreciate the rugged design and performance of quantum blades, considering how precisely and smoothly they cut through the frozen surface.

A centering point helps maintain stability on uneven icy surfaces, while a centering ring improves consistency during a cut. The handlebars should be padded for dampening vibration and curved in the upward direction for superior control.


Final Thoughts

For this roundup, the winner is Eskimo Mako. It’s designed with your interests in mind. The craftsmanship is outstanding, featuring rugged parts that don’t wear out easily. It has been cold-weather tested for guaranteed performance in every ice fishing season.

The 2-cycle engine has proven to be one of the best in the industry even though some people may want you to believe otherwise. The 10-inch cutting system produces the biggest hole that is ideal for catching most of your desired fish species. Not to mention that the quantum blades can drill new holes and re-drill old ones. 

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