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Can I Connect Fish Finder to Trolling Motor Battery?

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Donnell Henderson

Among the plethora of objects and even trash presented underwater, it can often be hard to find fish. However, as the times advance, fishermen can install all sorts of gadgets and fish finders in their small boats and big ones, that can help them find the day’s catch.

Getting the highest-quality fish finder with the latest technological bells and whistles can simply add to the convenience of the fishermen and anglers for locating fish. Not to mention the technological ability of such devices to track the areas in a sea where there are more living species underwater.

So you can throw the bait at the right place and the right time – saving more time and energy. Now, as convenient as these devices do sound, what actually helps in terms of using them is a clear and better understanding of their controls. And when you multiply the performance and efficiency of a fish finder using additional machines, like trolling motor batteries, there are evidently more gains for fishermen.

Connecting Fish Finder to Trolling Motor Battery: Is it Possible?

Can I Connect Fish Finder to Trolling Motor Battery?

Trolling motors, being small and electrically-driven motors, can be a must-have for improving your fishing experience while enhancing the overall fishing performance. With the usage of these advanced motors, fishermen can easily control and maneuver their boats in the water.

While these motors are designed to be fixed on an angler’s boat’s bow or stern, they aren’t used as the sole source of power in a boat. Instead, with the presence of an already-existing engine, a setup of trolling motors can help move the boat forward and expand the energy for driving the boat smoothly in all kinds of weather conditions.

In a nutshell, the trolling motor takes your fishing experience to a whole new level – adding more efficiency to your ability to control the boat. Likewise, the trolling motor battery also delivers power to the motor to do the tasks it is designed to do. Your trolling motor can’t work well with a cranking battery.

Now when you’re using a trolling motor and fish finder, one crucial gear that you can’t manage without is a battery. Because like any electrical device/machine, both these electrical devices need a power source that can help turn them on while enhancing their working and efficiency speed.

We recommend buying a separate fish finder battery from your trolling motor’s, so both devices can work longer and you have more time to enjoy your fishing. The large engine will recharge starting battery between the fishing point. Yet, if by any chance you don’t have a separate battery, there is always an intelligent way to deal with things. And here, an efficient way to make fishing more convenient and exciting is to connect your trolling motor battery with the fish finder.

In terms of using a fish finder, you may have gone through all sorts of queries and confusion. Among them, one common question that often pops up in your mind may be ‘can I connect fish finder with trolling motor battery or not? Here’s a short answer – yes, you can!

In fact, since a trolling motor battery is designed to deliver stable energy, connecting it with a fish finder can simply add to the exceptional performance of the fish finding device. Now the efficiency of both the fish finder and the trolling motor, while they are connected with the trolling motor battery, mainly depends on the quality of the battery you are using.

Varying on the type of battery you choose to use with both the devices and the weather condition in which you step out for fishing is what mainly determines how long will the trolling motor and the fish finder work with the energy delivered by the motor.

How Do You Connect a Fish Finder to a Trolling Motor Battery?

To be fairly honest, once you decide to connect both the devices with the same battery, there’s no struggle left for you. Simply put, the process of connecting the fish finder with the battery is quite straightforward.

All you have to do is appropriately plug in the fish finder with the trolling motor battery and then tighten the bolts. Once you have the fish finder fixed inside the battery and secured in its position using the tightened bolts, the fish finder is ready for usage.

Note: While you’re at making use of a trolling gas motor battery for an additional device, i.e., a fish finder, make sure you don’t go overboard. Keep one trolling battery limited to usage with the trolling main motor, as well as only one fish finder at a time for safe, effective, and longer-lasting usage while you’re out for fishing.

What to Consider When Using a Fish Finder Connected with a Trolling Battery?

While the connection may be easy to proceed with, it’s essential to be well aware of additional know-how to avoid ending up in difficult situations.

  • Varying on the size and weight of the fish finder you use, it’s important to use the ideal sized and weighed battery to ensure that the fish finder receives enough energy to work for a decent timespan.
  • In most cases, a fish finder uses two amps of battery for running at least 50 hours at most. However, using a trolling motor battery can push the fish finder’s ability to use full power, making one amp last for an hour.
  • To avoid having the battery damaged through multi-tasking, i.e., with a trolling motor and a fish finder, make sure to avoid using it frequently with both. Moreover, it is vital to recharge the battery when it goes lower than 50%.
  • If you’re using a fish finder that consumes a lower battery, which most do, it won’t pull too much battery. Yet, if you’re planning to spend more hours fishing, it’s better to keep a solar panel or some jumper cables to seek help in case your boat battery drains any time before you’re back at the shore.


While it is always beneficial to ensure that your fishing experience is smooth and problem-free by keeping a separate battery for all your fishing devices, there’s no doubt that difficult times call for desperate measures.

In times like these, when you only have a trolling motor battery available, it is undoubtedly better to connect a fish finder with your trolling motor battery than to make your fishing experience complex and challenging. Simply make sure to keep all the necessary and precautionary measures in mind and essential items in the boat with you – and you’re good to go. Happy fishing!

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