Best Trolling Motor Batteries of 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

A dependable trolling motor battery works wonders to help you get the most out of your boat when you go out fishing. As with most electrical devices, trolling motors require specific batteries, which can gradually discharge electricity over an extended period. In today’s list, we’ve included nine trolling motor batteries that give superior performance and […]

The Best Trolling Motors for the Money – A 2019 Review

You’ve got yourself all ready for a fun fishing expedition in your kayak or canoe, but have you secured the perfect trolling motor? All fish get easily spooked by loud noises, and as soon as they hear a loud sound, they resort to swimming away—that won’t do you much good, even if you’ve got the […]

The Best Watersnake Trolling Motors for the Money in 2019

Do you yearn to take your fishing up a notch? Or perhaps you’re angling for that jaw-dropping prize catch that will get you into your local Fisherman’s Review? Apart from the perfect fishing rod, you’ll, also, need a trolling motor to help you maneuver with stealth and ease on the water. Many brands exist in […]

The Best Saltwater Trolling Motors (2019) Review and Buying Guide

Fishing in brackish water is a challenge, partly due to the limited fish species and harsh water conditions. Given the high sense of sound detection that fish have, it is a big challenge for fishers who use motorboats and other fishing vessels to fish in these waters successfully. These trolling motors are made uniquely to […]

The Best Bow Mount Trolling Motors – A 2019 Review

Fishing is a delicate sport, and you’ll need the right accessories to do your best work. If you prefer bow-mounted trolling motors, you may be wondering what the best option is. A good bow-mounted troller glides seamlessly through even turbulent waters with long battery life, stealth, easy controls, and durability. We’ve curated a list to […]

Best Trolling Motors for Pontoons 2019 [In-Depth Review & Buying Guide]

Pontoons are making a grand re-entrance into the fishing world. Previously, they were relegated to pleasure cruising and water sports, but not anymore. Since pontoons aren’t intended for fishing, a trolling motor can be a good addition to silently and efficiently power and drag your boat to enable a better catch. But then, which is […]

Best Trolling Motors 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

Quiet, well-built, durable, and efficient. That’s what most fishers said when we asked what they were looking for in a trolling motor. Any serious angler today should consider having the best trolling engine when going fishing. This compact device has revolutionized fishing since it was first developed by O.G. Schmidt in 1934. Fishing without a […]